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What Was Left – shortlisted for the 2014 Australian Literature Society Gold Medal

What Was Left‘…it does what fiction does best, daring its reader to imagine what it is like to be someone society has long trained us to malign as the near-evil other.’ – David Sornig, The Melbourne Review

‘I loved everything about it. The story acutely portrays the way people are trapped by the things they love the most, or can be suffocated by the things that also sustain them.’ —Debra Adelaide

‘This is one of the best debut novels I have read in a long time…What Was Left is a riveting novel that examines ideas of motherhood, identity and the lies people tell to protect each other.’ – Readings

‘Limprecht’s story deftly arranges big themes – ambition, activism, infidelity and obsession … there are flashes of love’s different versions, bound up with the damage we do to ourselves and others.’ – Ashley Hay, The Australian

‘The elegant structure of this bildungsroman incorporates six countries and four sets of parents. Limprecht is in tight control of these narratives … the novel’s ideas flourish.’ – Australian Book Review

‘An exceptionally talented writer, Limprecht is one to watch.’—Bookselling + Publishing